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Why we do what we do 

The fragmented approach to body, soul and spirit that currently characterizes Western medicine is rapidly giving way to a more holistic approach. 

This is actually very ironic, since the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, was a Westerner, who already lived between 460 BC and  370 BC. His whole approach was holistic, as we can see in quotes like:

"It is more important to know who is sick than to know what makes him sick".

"Before you try to make someone healthy, you have to ask the person if he is willing to give up the things that made him sick".

“ Everyone has a physician in himself. We just have to help this doctor in his work. The natural healing power in each of us is the greatest power to heal us. Let food be your medicine, and your medicine food.”

"The most excellent medicine is to teach people not to need medicine."

At the moment, holistic medicine has a strong Eastern slant, and especially believers   with a Christian outlook on life, find it a very gray and sometimes intimidating world.

We are here to offer you holistic perspectives, where you don't have to compromise your faith, and to help you identify problematic mindsets.


Carina Falck Aromaterapeut

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