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  • Carina Falck

Eucalyptus Essential Oil (Eucalyptus smithii)

The smell of eucalyptus oil is for many of us reminiscent of a caring mother that rubs a winter chest with Vicks Vapo rub!

The oil has a clean and refreshing smell and is most often used as a decongestant. It also suppresses coughing, clears phlegm in the lungs, and enhances breathing.

Just like the oil of the other two Australian trees – tea tree and niaouli - the oil of the eucalyptus tree is very useful to treat cuts, burns, blisters, and small wounds.

Although we tend to see eucalyptus oil merely as an oil that we use at night when we have colds and want to sleep better, it is interesting that this inexpensive and humble oil also acts as an excellent oil to diffuse where conflict has taken place. Its energy seems to ‘clear the air’.

The fresh smell inspires us to seek new horizons, it gets rid of melancholy, and encourages positivism.

Natural affinity.

People that feel trapped in situations, like to use eucalyptus. It seems to help those that are too cautious, deeply rooted into old habits, are a bit fearful to dare, and take excessive responsibility.

When you stop thinking of eucalyptus only as an oi associated with colds and flu, mostly used in winter, you may just discover a completely new dimension to this reliable and affordable oil.

Some interesting facts:

  • Eucalyptus trees are colloquially called "gums" because early settlers noted that some species of trees would exude a sticky gum. Aborigines used this gum to fasten barbs to the end of spears and fishing sticks. The term "gum tree" was first used by Captain James Cook in his journal in 1770.02 Jun 2020 (Source:

  • The Afrikaans word bloekomboom is a sound imitation of the word blue gum tree.

  • About 25kg of plant material is needed to produce 500g of eucalyptus oil.


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The use of essential oils must be done responsibly and does not replace any medical treatment. It is used at your own risk.

Kind regards

Carina Falck

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