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  • Carina Falck

Ouch! My hands ache!

I get a lot of inquiries about essential oil for arthritis. It is a complex condition that comes in many forms, and is a joint condition that involves inflammation in one or more joints, and is normally painful.

The condition is considered in holistic medicine as something that also requires a lot of lifestyle changes.

However, we want to emphasize that this cannot be the only reason for arthritis - it is really very complex and we do not want to criticize other medical research on this in any way. Holistic medicine relies very heavily on observing people over long periods of time, and always tries to use the profile of the person as a whole for diagnosis.

Here are a few sentences from an article about a holistic approach to arthritis.

The emotions associated with arthritis are usually unexpressed anger, resentment, aggression, criticism (of self and others), lack of support, and fear. Experts suggest that one reason women are afflicted with R.A. four times more frequently than men is that women are taught from early childhood not to express anger.

More than one article refers to the emotional cause of arthritis as being very critical of yourself and others. Arthritis sufferers, might try to be more kind to themselves and others! Get help for this if you are struggling.


People could also, of course, have overloaded their bodies with foods over the years, and nurtured patterns of behavior, as well as thoughts that cause inflammation.

Improved nutrition includes:

Cut out foods in turn, e.g. meat, milk, bread, to see if it helps.

Lots of fresh food, especially green vegetables and fish,

Make sure your digestion is working well.

Reduce red meat, alcohol, sugar and processed food, and white flour.

The following oils are recommended for this condition, but also consult your doctor or a rheumatologist.

Essential oils:

Black Pepper, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Fennel, Juniper berry, Lemon, Lavender, Marjoram Rosemary, Thyme.

All these oils have a detoxifying effect, and it is recommended that they be applied through a massage for the treatment of arthritis.

How you deal with any illness or condition is up to you. There are common medications, different types of doctors, psychology, alternative or holistic healing, nutrition etc.

Many people try a combination of the above.

The emotional effects of the oils mentioned above include the following:

Anti-inflammatory, soothing, warming. Improves emotional stuckness, hoarding of feelings, a strict, angry nature and fearfulness. Improves obsessive thoughts, grumpiness and impatience. Improves stress affecting digestion. Promotes clear thinking, and relieves depression. For people who feel emotionally restricted.

Just think about this, and look at people with artirtis - do you perhaps see common characteristics they share?....


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Healing hands Aromatherapy Course, Healing Hand Massage Academy Pty Ltd, p 26.


The use of essential oils must be done responsibly, does not replace any medical treatment, and is done at your own risk.

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