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  • Carina Falck

Psalm 104:16The trees of the Lord drink their fill,The cedars of Lebanon which He planted,

Cedarwood: Cedrus atlantica

Atlas Cedarwood is believed to have originated from the famous cedars of Lebanon, and is a pine, whereas Virginian Cedarwood is a cypress. They differ in smell and chemically.

We will be looking at Atlas Cedarwood.

One could really say that with essential oils the effect is more than the sum of the oil’s parts.

This is because the subtle interaction between each person, his or her problems, the aroma of the oil, and how it affects our feelings, are so important.

I therefore love the way in which Suzanne Fischer-Rizzi describes essential oils. Her insight into the ‘soul of the oil’ adds a touch to her descriptions, that really helps you understand if a certain oil is for you or not.

She describes the cedar as follows:

‘What the lion is in the animal kingdom, the cedar is among trees’. Isn’t that just beautiful!

Cedar helps you to ‘hold your pose’, since cedar is helpful to reduce fear and nervousness and helps to stabilize when you have been thrown out of balance. Since cedar also helps reduce anger and aggression, it is a ‘go to’ oil for daily support in any stressful environment.

Cedar smells great – also for men, and has a fragrance that is associated with strength, courage, and dignity that comes from, and encourages the heart. It also has a touch of sensuality.

As an oil that dispels a feeling of coldness and lends warmth and harmony, cedar is also very helpful in treating bronchitis, in thinning mucus and treating urinary infections.

Cedarwood mixes well with:

rose, bergamot, jasmine, neroli, juniper, lemon, hyssop, and sage.

Natural affinity

Worwood, as quoted by Battaglia, describes those who are naturally drawn to Cedarwood as a remedy, as people that glide through life, as if they are royalty. They may seem to be haughty, but this is untrue, as they are towers of strength in challenging times.

I would consider Cedarwood if my stress comes from having given too much of myself to others and I need to take care of myself. When facing things like public speaking, groups and challenging conversations, cedar is also helpful.

Today’s quote to encourage you, comes from Brené Brown on TED talks. ‘The credit goes to the man in the arena’ This fundamentally means that no one that hasn’t walked a mile in your shoes, can judge you. So, take courage for whatever stress you are working on – at least you are in the arena and not sitting on the side, criticizing. Mix 6-9 drops with 10ml carrier oil, and use as a massage, or add 5 drops to your bath, or use 3-5 drops in your diffuser.

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